Quarantine and Yoga Vibes

Interested in yoga? We're connecting you with some of the best Yogis in the game! Asanas with Adriana, Pounded Yogi and Khepera Wellness are leading us through flows to get us through the quarantine blues. Follow their social media and YouTube pages for flows you can do while at home listening to our Quarantine and Yoga Vibes playlist.













Adrianna is leading us through a beginners flow focused on stretching the back and hips. Perform each pose for at least 20 seconds. For more content from Adriana, follow her on

Instagram @adrianarollther or subscribe to her

YouTube channel: Asanas with Adriana
















Christine is leading us through a beginner's yoga flow. As advised, perform each pose for at least 20 seconds. For more content from Christine, follow her on Instagram @poundedyogi .

















Brandon is leading us through a yoga flow for the kids. With school being out, parents are seeking ways to engage and keep their children calm during this quarantine. The entire kid's yoga flow along with a beginner's yoga flow, and a full week yoga schedule, are available on his YouTube Channel: Yoga with Brando and Instagram: @kheperawellness

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