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Start Your Heath Journey Today

Movement as Medicine

Join a community that is working together to improve their health, live longer, and live happier .

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Lower your blood sugar, A1C and develop strategies to manage your type 2 Diabetes

Lower your blood pressure, improve your heart health and track your heart data

Lower your blood pressure, increase your strength and improve your function

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Our program empowers you to take control of your health.

Your membership includes


Full evaluation and assessment of health status.

Unlimited access to our group exercise sessions.

Your own fitness watch.

Rewards for healthy behavior.

Personalized health education and coaching.

Community support.

Community Class Schedule

Our Community-Centered Approach


Engages communities currently underserved by conventional healthcare approaches.


Creates immediate & long-term reduction in healthcare system costs for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and stroke.


 Provides long-term improvements to individual, family, and community wellbeing.

Community Partners

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Are you a health organization or foundation, aiming to address health equity and empower community members to improve health outcomes?


Are you a provider, health system, or health insurer looking for ways to improve health outcomes for your most underserved patients?

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